Monday 31 March 2014

Farm to Fork with Chef's of JW Marriott

A day to remember, a day filled with activities, a day which I will never forget, a day with the chef's of JW Marriott for a chef's cook off on 22nd February 2014 at the First Agro farms.

The day began very early with me along with the other food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, chef’s and Food Connoisseurs had breakfast at JW Kitchen and then drove to the farms, totally thrilled. It looked more like a picnic and we all were as excited as kids are when they are taken on an outing.

First Agro farm is located in Talkad. First Agro strives to be the leading producer of fresh produce, delivering nutritious and Zero Pesticide vegetables and fruits. Their Zero Pesticide produce is fresh and healthy, tasty and flavourful. They are hand-picked at the peak of ripeness, maintaining its rich natural flavour as it reaches the plates of our consumers. They grow a entire range of Indian vegetables, lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, microgreens and other exotic vegetables and herbs.

We reached the farms late morning and we were welcomed with Tomato Gazpacho, with some tomato sanmarzano, peppers and basils, fresh and very soothing which cooled us after a long journey and some heat of Bangalore. I had to have another serving of it as I have never tasted such tasty and fresh juice in a long time. This was a chef’s team building exercise where going back to the nature and giving back to the society was focused.

Tomato Gazpacho

Served by Chef Jolly

We went around the farms, picking some fresh vegetables for salad’s, most of the ingredients in the menu were picked from First Agro farm. We had a fun exercise where we all were divided into groups and we had an exciting treasure hunt for the variety of vegetables in the farms which are 100% organic and with zero pesticide. I was educated so much about vegetables and the variety of them and how healthy and organic vegetables could be. I had an awesome time plucking some vegetables from the farm and having them raw. It was only then I realized that fresh farm vegetables tasted so much better than the other vegetables we normally consume in our day-to-day lives. Make a point to buy organic and zero pesticide fruits and vegetables and stay as healthy as possible. They aren't expensive as the normal thinking goes, rather they are the best for mind, heart and soul.

Variety of tomatoes:

These were my favorite

Nameet explaining about the tomato

Tasting session ;)

These capsicum were so sweet :)

We plucked them for your lunch 

Both are tomatoes

Hunger calling :)

Fun at Farm

Our collection of different kind of tomatoes at the farm

Fun day indeed with friends

Suresh Hinduja

Chef Bruno trying out the tomatoes in the heat ;)
After a fun and informative walk through the farms, it was time for barbeque and some freshly made salad's with the ingredients from the farm.

Main course
Hrish trying his hand at Barbeque
It was such a fun day that I still remember every moment as I write my blog. Miss that day the most. Thanks Harsh and the team for inviting me and my friend's Hrish and Nivedith for the chef's cook off. Hope to be part of the upcoming events and share my experience with everyone :)

Yes Harsh, it was a great day :)
Chef Bruno Ferrari
Chef Daniel, Anita Bora, Me, Chef Grenal and Nivedith
Nivedith, Chef Bruno and Me
Chef Grenal, Chef Daniel, me and Chef Sebastian
With the desert king, Chef Daniel
The coolest chef I know, Chef Grenal
With Suresh Hinduja
Chef Jolly, Jolly good Sir :)
Thanks Nameet for a wonderful time :)
Chef, you were an amazing host
Thanks Nivedith for these amazing photographs :)

You can get more information on First agro farm on Facebook and on their Website.
Connect to JW Marriott on Twitter and Facebook

Well, here's a short video on our day trip to first agro farms on Youtube and here is the Uncut version

Hope you enjoyed reading it. Till next time stay healthy and eat fresh :)


  1. ready for more !! are you ?
    have a gr8 day.

    FB: ajollygoodchef

    1. Absolutely ready for another day filled with surprises and lots of excitement Chef :)